What are Upkeep Costs?

Upkeep costs refer to anything that requires some form of fee but is not directly related to web design costs design. The main items of upkeep are domain name, server space/hosting, email services and premium tools.

Although the upkeep costs are not included in any purchases on this website, I will assist you and provide expert guidance every step of the way

Domain Name Cost and Upkeep

Domain names are the web addresses that allow those browsing the internet to find specific websites easily, and they look like this, www.yourwebsite.co.uk. They are absolutely vital if you want anyone to take your business seriously, and they also impact your websites SEO.

Domain Names usually cost between £10 and £20 per year, and are many times offered free for the first two years when purchasing a hosting subscription (see below). Although many domain names are fairly cheap they can also sometimes cost into the thousands if your ideal domain name is highly sought after or is being cyber squatted.

Server Space/Hosting Cost and Upkeep

Server space/hosting refers to the place where your website is stored. Your website is stored on a server which then becomes accessible to those who are browsing the internet. 

The cost of server space varies quiet a lot depending on your needs, although the cost for a small business with low web traffic expectancy will often cost between £50 and £150 per year, with some hosting providers offering reduce fees for the first two years. 

I highly advise that you consult with me before making a hosting purchasing choice, as there are many cheap but bad options that you may find will provide you will poor website performance or lack of functionality. Also, don’t assume a popular hosting provider is a good choice for you, often popular hosting providers are popular simply because of their advertising and promotional effortd, and not for the quality of the service provided.

Premium Tools Cost and Upkeep

When I building websites I use a variety of tools, most of which are free. The only premium tool I use is Elementor Pro, which will come at no cost to you as I own a multi site subscription and pass the value on to you. 

However, depending on your requirements you may that certain features and functionality may come at an extra costs, which will be at your own expense. If you would like to know if your requirements would incur additional costs then please contact me to discuss your needs.

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